FAQ – General Questions

What is Flwless?

Flwless is a fantasy esports app that allows you to create player vs player fantasy challenges against others using players or teams. For example, GuardiaN vs FalleN, SumaiL vs Resolut1on or the ROC Tigers vs Immortals.

How is Flwless different than traditional fantasy services?

On Flwless, your line-up consists of one player or team, instead of multiple players.

Which esports and leagues can I create challenges on?

Currently we offer CS:GO, Dota2, LOL, SC2 and Hearthstone. If there’s a esport or league you’re interested in us having, let us know.

Where is Overwatch?

If you don’t see your favorite esport on Flwless, you can make a request.

Is Flwless legal?

Absolutely. Flwless meets all the criteria outlined by UIGEA. Although, if you are resident of any of the following states; Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana or Washington you are not permitted to use our service. Contact your state elected officials today and tell them you want your Flwless!

Flwless is awesome, are you guys on social media?

We love our users, connect with and follow us today on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. Leave a comment or maybe even a picture of a recent challenge you made and a warcry to the one you made it to.

Where could I find a list of app updates?

Stay tuned to ourTwitter account.

What’s the fee structure of Flwless?

Flwless takes a 10% fee from the challenge value (i.e. pot). Example, if you and your friend participate in a challenge with $50 each, the pot would be $100. We’ll receive $10 once that challenge is settled.