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General Questions

What is Flwless?

Flwless is a fantasy esports app that allows you to create player vs player fantasy challenges against others using players or teams. For example, GuardiaN vs FalleN, SumaiL vs Resolut1on or the ROC Tigers vs Immortals.

How is Flwless different than traditional fantasy services?

On Flwless, your line-up consists of one player or team, instead of multiple players.

Which esports and leagues can I create challenges on?

Currently we offer CS:GO, Dota2, LOL, SC2 and Hearthstone. If there’s a esport or league you’re interested in us having, let us know.

Where is Overwatch?

If you don’t see your favorite esport on Flwless, you can make a request.

Is Flwless legal?

Absolutely. Flwless meets all the criteria outlined by UIGEA. Although, if you are resident of any of the following states; Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana or Washington you are not permitted to use our service. Contact your state elected officials today and tell them you want your Flwless!

Flwless is awesome, are you guys on social media?

We love our users, connect with and follow us today on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. Leave a comment or maybe even a picture of a recent challenge you made and a warcry to the one you made it to.

Where could I find a list of app updates?

Stay tuned to ourTwitter account.

What’s the fee structure of Flwless?

Flwless takes a 10% fee from the challenge value (i.e. pot). Example, if you and your friend participate in a challenge with $50 each, the pot would be $100. We’ll receive $10 once that challenge is settled.


So where do I go to create an account on Flwless?

You must register for an account in the Flwless app. Don’t worry, it only takes seconds to download the app and to register.

Can I register for multiple account on Flwless?

We know it’s a great app, but you are only allowed one account.

How do I add a profile photo?

Adding a profile photo is as easy as 1-2-3. Just navigate to the settings tab in the app and click on the default image logo. Follow the prompts, and voila, your beautiful face is now in the Flwless app. Now your friends can see your mug in the league, hey maybe wiping that smirk off your face will get them to accept your fantasy challenges.

How do I delete my account?

“Don’t go, we can change!”..sorry you are considering leaving the Flwless family. Please let us know what we can do better to keep great users like yourself from wanting to delete their account. Now that we have stalled long enough, if you are still interested in deleting your account just email us.

Can I use Flwless account on multiple devices?

Yes, the technical geniuses at Flwless have allowed it so users can login from multiple mobile devices! So wherever you go, Flwless goes! (sounds kind of creepy but it’s true).


How much time before game time can I create/accept challenges on players/teams involved in that respective game?

You can create/accept challenges up to 10 minutes before the game start time for any player or team involved in that respective game. So use your time wisely, get those challenges in and accepts the ones you want. Then spend the next 10 minutes admiring those challenges and thinking about what you are going to do with the money you win. New shoes, new watch, maybe a nice dinner, the possibilities are endless.

What can I create challenges on?

You can create challenges on overall fantasy points for individual players and teams, and depending on the esport it is calculated differently. Click here to see how we calculate fantasy points based on real player statistics.

What does it mean when I swipe Right on a challenge?

It means you think the player on the right side will stomp the player on the left. Simple right!? Now what are you waiting for, get to swiping!

What does it mean when I swipe Left on a challenge?

It means you think the player on the left side will stomp the player on the right. I told you it was simple.

Why can’t I create challenges on players playing in the same week and same game?

Because that would be against the UIGEA 2006 rules. Selected players have to be playing in different games for the selected duration.

Why can’t I create challenges on players from the same team?

Based on UIGEA 2006, players must be playing in different games. If two players from the same team could play in different games in the same week, then someone has invented time travel!

Are there any limits to the number of challenges I can accept?

No. Accept challenges until your heart is satisfied.

How can I search for my favorite player in the mobile app?

We have made searching for your favorite players easy. Simply go into the setting tab and add your favorite player(s)/team(s). Now when you go to search for a player, your favorites will be right there for easy access.

When can I cancel a challenge I created?

Challenges can only be cancelled if it has not been accepted by another user and any applicable games have not begun.

Can I send challenges privately?

Yes. You can privately challenge individuals (via email or username) or leagues. On the create challenge screen, just look for the private button. Challenge away!

I accidentally swiped left on challenge, can I get it back?

Yes, the challenge’s stack takes about 24 hours to reset.

How do I save a challenge?

Come across an interesting challenge and don’t want to accept it right away? Maybe you want to grab a drink or take a walk before accepting challenge. You can save the challenge for action later by swiping down on the challenge card. The save challenge can be viewed in the Challenges view under “Saved”.

What’s the difference between open, in-progress and history challenges?

Open challenges are challenges you have created or accepted and have yet to be resulted or aren’t in-progress. In-Progress challenges are challenges that have games in-progress. History challenges are ones where the result (e.g. win, lost, voided) is known.

What are those challenges in the “created” section?

These are the challenges you carefully created for opponents to accept from the Create Challenge. And remember, every time one of your challenges gets accepted, an angel gets it’s wings. 🙂

What are those challenges in the “accepted” section?

These are the challenges that you have accepted from other users from the Find or Leagues.


What is a league?

The league, similar to your traditional fantasy league, is just a collection of you and friends (or people you hate, we won’t judge) who can easily share challenges. Only users in the league can see the league challenges.

Can leagues be public?

Yes, they can be. Join a league with friends or join a public league if you are really adventurous.

How could I create challenges only for my league?

When creating a challenge, select the private button and indicate the league you want the challenge to be shared to.

How can I modify (e.g. remove, add users) the league settings?

Only the league admin can remove users from the league by clicking on the gear icon. You can add members by sending invites via email to users. Users must have an account with Flwless to join the league.

How many leagues can I participate in?

Join as many leagues as you want! It’s all you can eat here at Flwless.

Where could I view how I’ve done in my league compared to others?

Navigate to the league page and click on Standings to view how you stack up against the competition.

What are interests?

When creating a league, you can specify which esports the league will focus on. Your league is not restricted to creating challenges on just the selected interests but it helps other users understand the common interests of the league.


How do I deposit money into my Flwless account?

Click on the balance or the wallet icon, then click on the deposit button. Follow the prompts from there.

How does withdrawal work?

Easy, you make a request from the wallet screen, then click on the withdraw button, we send the money to your PayPal account. We wish everything in life was that easy.

Can I add non-PayPal account for deposit and withdrawal?

At the moment, PayPal is the preferred account type. We are working on adding additional solutions.

Where can I see all of the deposits and withdrawals?

All transactions can be viewed in the Wallet, under “Transactions”.


Can I change my username?

Yes, but it has to be a unique name in the system. Also, no offensive names are allowed. Don’t use a name that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. She may be playing too.

Why should I add my social networks to Flwless?

We use your social media when you want to share your challenges with your social networks.