Besides natural team and individual skill, the hallmark of Swedish playstyle has always been the use of surprise plays and baits. These tactics were a huge success as it often led the way for new strategies and positioning that allowed Swedish playstyle to rule the CS:GO scene in past years.

NiP first dominated the CS:GO professional competitions between late 2012 and 2014. Fnatic then took over the torch in late 2014 and went on a frenzied win streak by taking 1st place in all the 2015 majors and looked almost unbeatable. Fnatic started to be famous for their Barcelona – Paris SG recoveries, which always startled their opponents when they began to take impossible rounds which heavily demoralized their opponents.

However, after these win streaks, a lot has happened. With several team changes for both NiP and Fnatic, they have been struggling against the new strategies and skill coming out of teams like VP and Astralis. Is the aggressive playstyle with sometimes uncalculated moves not enough anymore?

It seems like the Swedish top teams need to strap down and improve on their communication and strategies by not relying on individual skill and tweaks on standard plays. Instead, they need to have the same execution skill on collaborative team strategies, check all the corners all the time, and never miss an angle like some of the top teams are playing right now. If they can also managed to get a balanced team together again, Fnatic and NiP can hopefully come back and counter the new playstyle with the same innovation that made them successful.

My take on the new recruitment of Draken to NiP will be in next week’s blog.