Fnatic off to a promising start with two wins on Inferno (16-9 vs Immortals and 16-9 vs EnVyUs), which is their best map, so it was expected wins by Fnatic. In the third game they met SK on Cache, it’s been a long time since fnatic was good on Cache and I really don’t believe they have showed any of their new tricks on Cache as they know they will need it at later stages of the tournament. And given that SK thinks the same way we can determine that SK’s standard play by far outperforms Fnatic’s. However they got stomped 16-3 by SK and only got two consecutive round wins before getting resetted.

To give it a little perspective, Fnatic recently lost 7-16 against NiP and then in overtime vs North 17-19. Given the recent performance of both those teams Fnatic can’t be said to perform well on Cache. Furthermore to expect their standard play on Cache to outperform the precision plays of SK is just lunacy. In summary we have seen Inferno, which we know is their best map, we have seen Cache which we know has been a tough map for them in the recent month’s.

Today they will go up against Cloud9 and G2. I think they will take Cloud9 as long as it is not Train, and if its Cache it will be a nailbiter. G2 is a harder prediction and will come down to how many tricks fnatic want to show before the group stage ends. If they win against Cloud 9 they could take it easy and lose against G2 without showing too much. So a win or lose vs G2 i believe comes down to map selection. I think Fnatic will take it on Inferno, Cbble, Train and Mirage.
Even though they lost on both Cbble and Train last time they faced each other, I think they have the practice down and the individual skill will determine the outcome in Fnactic’s favor. Whereas G2 will take it on Cache, and it will be very even on Overpass and Nuke.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s summary of Day 2 of the ESL playoffs.