2016 was an all out team switching year for the top Swedish CS:GO teams and they swapped out players like it was a revolving door. Back in August 2016, Pronax’s GODSENT had JW, Flusha and Krimz join after what was reported to be an internal struggle in Fnatic. Krimz eventually went back to Fnatic after only a month on the GODSENT roster.

“Over the last months something similar has been brewing inside of our team, and regardless of the efforts all parties have tried to make to resolve the internal issues, it reached a point where there was a clear division within the team,”
A crippled Fnatic took on Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun from Epsilon and the stand-in Simon “twist” Eliasson to complete the full roster. Noteworthy is that Swedish team Epsilon seems to be the go-to team for recruiting among the top Swedish teams as the two big recruitments of 2016 came from there. Besides disco dopland, NiP recently took on William “draken” Sundin from Epsilon as well. However, the recruitment of disco doplan has proved to be an error as he could not perform at all on the level needed to give Fnatic a boost or even maintain.

A dark autumn for all top swedish go teams with NiP, Fnatic and GODSENT who all underperformed compared to their former glory by not finding that combination of talent that wins tournaments. Specifically for Fnatic, the downturn can be traced back to Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson’s hand injury back in early 2015 which threw the team off balance.

The light at the end of the tunnel

In February 2017, they have finally come to their senses and settled their differences and brought back together the titans of old. Now to the big question, will they rise again?

Looking at their performances since their reunion, it seems that way. They struggled in the beginning to get a feel for each other again and to redirect their playstyle to complement one another while adhering to the latest trends in pro playstyles. However, the work they have put in has paid off. It’s been up and down, but as of late they have proved they perform best under pressure as shown with the 2-0 must win against Mousesports last week to make the ESL Season 5 playoffs.

I imagine they are thirsty for more and once again want to prove they are the best in the world. It will all come down to this year’s ESL One in Cologne this July because i don’t think they will be able to get to the final of ESL Season 5 or ECS. Instead, I predict they will be in the semifinals depending on the opposition and as a result will put all on the line for ESL One.

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