Fnatic starts day two well with a predicted win vs Cloud9 (16-6) on Nuke. No surprises there.
Next up, they faced G2 on Overpass, which I predicted would be a close one.
It went back and forth with G2 always at least one round ahead. Fnatic showed off some new stuff, among others a new flash by canal (see link), bouncing the flash off the highway bridge which was very effective at completely flashing the t entry (58:42 in video). Despite the new stuff, G2 won 11-16 and I feel that Fnatic showed off the new tactics a little too late with the flash coming first in round 23.
This score would put them in the quarterfinal if the standings held, but we have a wildcard in this years playoffs. The French, both G2 and EnVyUs completely ran over the Brazilians in SK. SK came out day one winners at 3-0. But losing to both G2 and EnVyUs put them at 3-2 which was the same as Fnatic after the loss to G2. Also, EnVyUs came together in day 2 winning all their games. This upset meant that SK, Fnatic and EnVyUs were tied for the 2nd place and one had to go. A tiebreaker was played on Train. Fnatic was first up vs EnVyUs and took it to triple overtime. Everything looked good until JW started using his auto shotgun for no reason. It was not a good weapon choice on Train because if you miss the first encounter you would have to fall back. And on Train that fallback is quite far. It is also hard to do a retake with the shotgun. In my opinion, that lost them the game. EnVyUs then won again over SK which was a surprise and took 2nd place in the group. That meant Fnatic and SK would fight it out for the last spot. SK would end up taking 4 consecutive round wins on Train to take the 3rd spot; never even making it exciting. Fnatic’s trip to the ESL playoffs ended before it started. Unfortunately, they were in a very hard group which was appropriately nicknamed the group of death.

To summarize
In previous blogs I predicted that Fnatic would get to the semi or quarterfinals but not win the championship. They are still fresh together and need more time. With that said, I believe they gave it their best which just wasn’t enough and they had some bad calls and some miscommunications as well.

It will be fun to follow the remainder of the tournament, but as a Swede, there will be a little less vigour.

Follow us to get the latest on the development of the tournament. G2, EnVyUs and SK all look really good and Mousesports look strong winning group B.