Fnatic starts day two well with a predicted win vs Cloud9 (16-6) on Nuke. No surprises there. Next up, they faced G2 on Overpass, which I predicted would be a close one. It went back and forth with G2 always at least one round ahead. Fnatic showed off some new stuff, among others a new […]

Fnatic off to a promising start with two wins on Inferno (16-9 vs Immortals and 16-9 vs EnVyUs), which is their best map, so it was expected wins by Fnatic. In the third game they met SK on Cache, it’s been a long time since fnatic was good on Cache and I really don’t believe […]

2016 was an all out team switching year for the top Swedish CS:GO teams and they swapped out players like it was a revolving door. Back in August 2016, Pronax’s GODSENT had JW, Flusha and Krimz join after what was reported to be an internal struggle in Fnatic. Krimz eventually went back to Fnatic after […]